OSHA 300A Workplace Posting



Unless your company employed fewer than 10 individuals at all times throughout 2017, or, your company’s NAICS code is recognized as a “low-hazard” industry by OSHA, your company must maintain a written record of work-related injuries and illnesses on the OSHA’s Form 300.  Additionally, you must then post your 2017 OSHA 300A Summary of Work-related Injuries and Illnesses form by February 1st in a conspicuous location where notices to employees are typically posted.

Have you determined your company’s NAICS code?  If not, then you won’t be able to confirm an exemption.  So it’s time to let go of those old SIC code(s) and identify which 6-digit NAICS code best describes your primary income-producing line of business.  Call us here at ConsultStu if you need assistance.  Once you know your NAICS code, look HERE to determine if you are exempt from OSHA 300 workplace posting.  (Notice that OSHA defines this industry list as “partially” exempt, because certain OSHA exemptions do not apply in cases of employee fatality, in-patient hospitalization, amputation, or loss of an eye.)

If you have more than 10 employees and your NAICS code does not appear on the list, you are required to post the 300A summary data per OSHA regulation.  The easiest thing to do is just print off a signed copy of the 300A log (do NOT include the overly detailed 300 or 301 logs), and attach to the bulletin board in the break room or wherever you display other workplace postings.

If you have any questions about OSHA logs and compliance, OSHA or ITA reporting, or any other workplace posting requirements, ConsultStu is here to assist you!  Call or email us anytime.

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