Month: May 2019
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Hops and HR: Does my Craft Brewery Need an Employee Handbook?
In February 2019, Florida had 348 craft breweries.  Seven new breweries opened in February 2019, and there are many, many products to choose from.  Chances are, your craft beer operation is humming along and employees are busy building a great brand and delicious product.  The workplace has great energy, and employees are mostly getting along......
Can I Hold a Final Paycheck Until the Return of Company Equipment in Florida?
In Florida, a terminating employee must be paid their final paycheck no later than the next regularly scheduled pay date.  So, if your company pays bi-weekly, an employee leaving employment (either through termination or voluntary quit) must be paid on the next pay date.  So, holding a paycheck is not permissible.  If you are terminating......
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