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HR Fitness for 2020 – Needed HR Actions for the New Year
NEW YEAR?  BRING IT!   Put some of that post-holiday energy into your HR process … you can make it easier to get out of the office in time to hit the gym!  Here is a 7 step checklist to make sure HR is prepared for an efficient, organized, successful new year: Step One: Review your......
Does Florida require E-Verify?
No, not yet.  But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is pushing the 2020 Florida legislature to pass legislation to require all Florida employers to use the federal E-Verify system.  If your company has a qualifying contract with the State of Florida, all new hires working on the contract must be screened using E-Verify.  Read Governor Scott’s....
(Save thousands $$) How to Implement a Florida certified Drug Free Workplace Program
Every day Florida employers choose to establish certified drug-free workplace policies, to save money and be protected from workplace accidents that are caused by employees working under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  The benefits of becoming a carrier certified drug free workplace include: (1) employees are aware of the importance of safety...
2018 EEO-1 Survey website now open (due March 31)
Starting in February, the EEO-1 Joint Reporting Committee’s website began accepting online submissions of demographic data from qualifying companies.  Earlier, qualifying entities were mailed notices explaining the reporting schedule and instructions.  The 2018 EEO-1 reports (for data in the last quarter of 2017) must be filed by March 31,...
Need on-going HR support?
We have affordable HR retainers that offer a unique alternative to full HR outsourcing or the hiring of a full time HR employee. We design unique solutions to match your business strategy and budget. We have a proven track record of helping companies from many industries. We listen and probe to understand your needs and goals, before we offer recommendations and realistic solutions.
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