Month: March 2021
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How to Fix I9s Completed for Remote Employees Because of COVID-19
Since March 20, 2020, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has given employers flexibility when completing I9 forms for employees that are working remotely because of COVID-19 safety precautions. The physical presence requirements associated with the Form I9 (it is required to physically review the original employee identity and employment aut...
Did your Publix I9 Immigration Certification Letter expire?
Recently, a Florida Publix vendor contacted our office in need of an updated annual I-9 Immigration Certification Letter. The Publix Contract Management team had notified the company that its annual certification letter had expired and if it was not updated, the company was at risk for having its services being halted until received. Consultstu res...
Florida’s New E-Verify Law
On January 1, 2021, Florida joined a growing number of states that mandate some use of E-Verify for certain employers. Last year, Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation that requires all public employers, including local school districts, public universities, and colleges, and state and local agencies, as well as their private contractors, to use...
Need on-going HR support?
We have affordable HR retainers that offer a unique alternative to full HR outsourcing or the hiring of a full time HR employee. We design unique solutions to match your business strategy and budget. We have a proven track record of helping companies from many industries. We listen and probe to understand your needs and goals, before we offer recommendations and realistic solutions.
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