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New NLRB standard for reviewing legality of Handbook Policies
In December, there was more good news for employers who were hoping that regulators would take a more centrist approach to labor and employment policy.  There was another rollback of an Obama era regulatory interpretation at an agency that had been very activist in the last few years.  In early December, the National Labor Relations......
Firing an employee for discussing work warning with a co-worker is illegal
A staffing company learned an expensive lesson after it questioned and then terminated an employee (administrative assistant to the branch manager) who complained to a co-worker about unfair application of the company dress code policy.  The employee felt her discipline was unfair (because other similarly dressed employees were not disciplined) an...
Policy banning workplace recordings unlawful
Here we go again!  The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) (the activist agency that declared many common employer policies meant to establish professionalism, workplace cooperation and congeniality to be unlawful) has done it again.  In late December 2015, the NLRB ruled that Whole Foods Market policy prohibiting the recording of conversations...
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