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Checklist of 2024 New Year HR and Payroll updates
It’s almost 2024, so now is the time to review and update your company’s HR and payroll practices and documents for the new year. With 2023 ending, there are several human resources and payroll items to review and update for January. Here is Consultstu’s 10 point HR and Payroll checklist for 2024 – start now......
How to Calculate FMLA Leave When a Holiday Falls in a Week
An important part of compliance is to correctly count the number of days that an employee is entitled to take when they qualify for the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). To help employers, the DOL just released an Opinion Letter that gives employers clear guidance on how to calculate FMLA entitlement under the FMLA......
Ten Step January Checklist for HR Fitness
BRING IT, 2019!   As we resume our normal work schedules, with the holidays behind us and all the local gyms at full capacity, it’s time to apply a little extra New Year’s energy and resolve to our HR practices.  From updating HR forms to adding up injury numbers, here is a ten step HR Fitness......
It’s Holiday Bonus time! 4 compliance tips for Employers
Many companies provide a holiday/Christmas bonus or year-end bonus to some or all employees in December.  There are several important rules about bonuses that every employer needs to know.  When planning your bonus plan, and calculating a budget, consider the following important reminders: Bonuses that are discretionary (meaning, the company deci...
Need on-going HR support?
We have affordable HR retainers that offer a unique alternative to full HR outsourcing or the hiring of a full time HR employee. We design unique solutions to match your business strategy and budget. We have a proven track record of helping companies from many industries. We listen and probe to understand your needs and goals, before we offer recommendations and realistic solutions.
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