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HR Fitness for 2020 – Needed HR Actions for the New Year
NEW YEAR?  BRING IT!   Put some of that post-holiday energy into your HR process … you can make it easier to get out of the office in time to hit the gym!  Here is a 7 step checklist to make sure HR is prepared for an efficient, organized, successful new year: Step One: Review your......
Ten Step January Checklist for HR Fitness
BRING IT, 2019!   As we resume our normal work schedules, with the holidays behind us and all the local gyms at full capacity, it’s time to apply a little extra New Year’s energy and resolve to our HR practices.  From updating HR forms to adding up injury numbers, here is a ten step HR Fitness......
2018 Tax Withholding Checkup for Employees
As you may know, major changes to federal tax law took place last year!   Based on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, updates were automatically applied to your payroll system’s wage withholding calculations.   To help taxpayers ensure that their 2018 withholding amounts are accurate, the Department of the Treasury has launched a new tax withholding....
IRS Releases new 2018 W4 form
On the last day of February, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released an updated tax withholding calculator on and issued a new Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate.  Employers should update their hiring packages to include the new 2018 W4 form and can notify employees about the ability to use the IRS online calc...
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