Month: August 2023
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Remote Examination of I9 Documents Allowed under Proposed DHS Rule
On July 21, 2023, DHS released early a proposed rule (official release coming on July 25) (click here) that will allow an optional alternative for employers to remotely examine Form I-9 documentation. The new DHS alternative authorizes employers enrolled in E-Verify the option to remotely examine their new hires’ identity and employment authoriza...
Is the new I9 form ready for employers to use on August 1, 2023?
Yes. The long-awaited new version of Form I‑9, Employment Eligibility Verification (PDF, 483.6 KB) is now available for use. Starting August 1, 2023, this version contains changes to the form and instructions, including shortening the Form I‑9 to one page and reducing the instructions to eight pages. Employers may begin using the new Form I‑9...
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