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Employee Who Allowed Manager to “Pop” His Back, Denied Work Comp Benefits
An employee at a Florida Waffle House was having back complaints after working an 18 hour shift. Based on the complaints, the employer’s manager thought that “popping” (manipulating) his back might relieve some of his pain. The “popping” did not go well, and he was unable to stand up straight and had nerve pains runnin...
Dealing with Your Problem Employee
Nobody likes disciplining employees.  Well, … perhaps that’s not true.  But to be honest, I’m not sure I’d want to employ too many supervisors who LOVE engaging in disciplinary actions.  But, like it or not, it’s critical to the success of your company that progressive disciplinary procedures are understood, followed, and applied in a ...
Assistant GMs at Wawa Sue for Overtime in NJ, PA
CAMDEN, NJ – In late January 2017, four (4) former Wawa employees filed a proposed class-action lawsuit contending the firm improperly denied overtime pay to some workers at its convenience stores.  The men contend Wawa’s pay practices for assistant general managers (AGMs) violate federal and state laws in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Mar...
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