Month: December 2017
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How to Create an Employee Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
What can be done to improve the performance of a struggling manager, supervisor or employee?  Answer – develop a written performance improvement plan (PIP).  A PIP is an action plan that provides for the four (4) key ingredients to successful employee performance: (1) clear expectations, (2) accurate and specific feedback, (3) solid two way...
New NLRB standard for reviewing legality of Handbook Policies
In December, there was more good news for employers who were hoping that regulators would take a more centrist approach to labor and employment policy.  There was another rollback of an Obama era regulatory interpretation at an agency that had been very activist in the last few years.  In early December, the National Labor Relations......
Jump start your On-boarding program!
In small business, we all wear many “hats”, and are really busy.  Those handling HR duties can easily get overwhelmed by just completing the necessities of HR.  If your company is growing fast or experiences high employee turnover, it may be all you can do to just get new hire paperwork completed.  A lack of attention......
It’s Holiday Bonus time! 4 compliance tips for Employers
Many companies provide a holiday/Christmas bonus or year-end bonus to some or all employees in December.  There are several important rules about bonuses that every employer needs to know.  When planning your bonus plan, and calculating a budget, consider the following important reminders: Bonuses that are discretionary (meaning, the company deci...
Need on-going HR support?
We have affordable HR retainers that offer a unique alternative to full HR outsourcing or the hiring of a full time HR employee. We design unique solutions to match your business strategy and budget. We have a proven track record of helping companies from many industries. We listen and probe to understand your needs and goals, before we offer recommendations and realistic solutions.
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