Month: April 2024
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Navigating Customer I-9 Form Audits: Compliance and Client Relationships
Corporate America knows that maintaining compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is critical (legally and for public relations). Among the essential documents for businesses engaging in corporate services or B2B transactions is the I-9 form, a vital piece of the hiring process designed to verify the identity and employment authorization o...
Navigating GPS Tracking on Employee Phones: The Importance of Transparency and Disclosures
In an era dominated by digital connectivity, employers are increasingly turning to technology to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and ensure the safety of their workforce. One such technology that has gained prominence in recent years is GPS tracking, particularly when implemented on employee smartphones. While GPS tracking can offer be...
Mastering the Exit Interview: 4 Tips for a Successful Farewell
When an employee decides to leave your company, it marks the end of a chapter, but it also opens a window of opportunity for growth and improvement within the company. Exit interviews are potentially valuable tools that offer insights into employee experiences, reasons for departure, and areas for employer improvement. Conducting effective exit int...
Employee Who Allowed Manager to “Pop” His Back, Denied Work Comp Benefits
An employee at a Florida Waffle House was having back complaints after working an 18 hour shift. Based on the complaints, the employer’s manager thought that “popping” (manipulating) his back might relieve some of his pain. The “popping” did not go well, and he was unable to stand up straight and had nerve pains runnin...
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