Month: April 2020
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Non-Working Employees Payroll and Work Comp Premium Calculation
As employers are struggling to maintain business operations, or are confronting a full or partial shutdown, every cost and expense is being closely scrutinized.  The organization that regulates workers’ compensation rates, NCCI, recently published some FAQs for employers and carriers about the COVID-19 situation.  Individual states will app...
Are Employee COVID-19 Cases OSHA Recordable?
The number of COVID-19 cases has passed 500,000 nationwide and 20,000 in Florida. Many of these cases occurred after workplace exposure, such as from a customer or co-worker. But, since the virus can be picked up anywhere, how can a work-related source be confirmed so that the case is recorded as an occupational illness on......
Florida Unemployment Questions about COVID-19 Situations
As the Coronavirus situation continues, employees are laid off and/or take paid sick days, there are many questions about how these situations affect Florida unemployment benefits (called “RA benefits”).  The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) operates the Reemployment Assistance Service Center and CONNECT website that processes ...
New DOL Regulations (FFCRA) – How to Document Exempt Status from Paid Leave
The much anticipated Department of Labor Regulations (temporary) were just published on Wednesday, April 1. The new regulations explain how an employer with fewer than fifty (50) employees must document its declared exemption from the paid Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Emergency FMLA.  Here are the new DOL Regulations on the FFCRA. What employers ...
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