Employee Engagement Surveys

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Studies show that a significant portion of U.S. employees are either "not engaged" or "actively disengaged" at work. As the economy shows signs of improving, and as construction rebounds, low engagement levels can mean higher levels of turnover from key employees. How is your company viewed by employees and how does that translate into higher profitability and business valuation.

We will assist you to create surveys that work for your organization. We can help gather the information you need from employees, as well as internal and external customers. Gathering and acting on data from employees and customers can lead to work process improvements, enhanced management capabilities, increased morale and increased profitability.

Companies are surveying employees about the following important areas:

• Expectation setting
• Proper Equipment and Materials
• Work is Meaningful
• Recognition and Development
• Caring and Encouraging
• Opinions Matter
• Cooperation and Teamwork
• Open, Honest Communication
• Respect, Trust and Integrity
• various Narrative question to allow for comments

A well designed employee survey will provide valuable insight into key drivers of business results - understanding and connection to company goals and objectives, connection to co-workers and employees having the proper capabilities.

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